A New Old-Fashioned Musical

"You Can See It’ll Be a Very Merry Christmas After All!”

A bright and breezy musical comedy in the classic tradition, "The Man Who Saved Christmas" is loosely based on the true story of Erector Set inventor, A.C. Gilbert.

Set in 1917, when America was embroiled in the First World War, this 'new old-fashioned’ crowd-pleaser focuses on Gilbert's battle with the U.S. government as it attempts to ban toy sales during the holiday season.

Added to the mix: A secretary who keeps her heart on ice and a visiting reporter determined to thaw it out; Mister Dixon, the nefarious Iago of the toy factory; Gilbert's loving wife Mary; and their precocious niece Ellen, who untangles the myriad complications in which the young lovers--and the Toy Tycoon--find themselves.

Boasting 16 new songs that instantly feel like old friends, this is the holiday show that has left reviewers scrambling for superlatives.  “The Man Who Saved Christmas” is the gift that regional and community theatres have been wishing for--and just in time for Christmas!

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