"Now This Here Story Takes Place in a Mythical Land...Called Mississippi."

The swamps of Mississippi are turned inside out and upside-down in this foot stomping, banjo plunking update of the classic fairy tale, “The Musicians of Bremen Town”!

Join in the hilarious hijinks as a quartet of misfit Barnyard Animals brings Musical-Comedy relief to the sufferin’ citizens of Bremen Flats.  You’ll meet Miss Mabel Morechortle, the laughing-est lady in the Deep South.  But beware of Pinch and Lifter, a pair of prevaricating pilferers, determined to bilk Miss Mabel out of her beloved Catfish Café.

The combination of cut-up country characters, original musical score, and cornpone comedy makes THE BLUEGRASS MUSICIANS OF BREMEN FLATS the number-one, can’t-miss, hootenanny hit of the season!

Songs include: Em-Eye-Dubble-Ess • I Don’t Fit In • We’re Gonna Roll, Roll, Roll! • I Laugh My Worry Away • Nasty Is As Nasty Does • The Boogeyman Boogie-Woogie • and more!

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