The Spoof-iest of Them All

THAT'S OUR SNOW WHITE! is a madcap musical spoof of the classic Snow White tale that’s fabulous, over-the-top fun for the entire family!

You’ll meet Snow White, the high-maintenance princess with a heart of gold who is loved by all the furry creatures of the land—especially Prince Ponderous. The cast of kooky cutups also includes the Evil Queen Babble Nomora; her back-talking Magic Mirror; Snow’s Furry Friends; and, of course, the Six Dwarfs.  (Six?!)

Can Snow White thwart the evil plot of her Wicked Stepmother?  Will she ever find her Prince?  Will she be able to hit her high notes? 

Award-winning playwright and composer Ron Lytle’s tongue-in-cheek script and score will enchant children and have adults rolling in the aisles with laughter.  

Songs Include: The Opening Number • I'll Whistle, You Work • How Do You Like Them Apples? • Watch Out! • That's Our Snow White! • and more!

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