How Frustrating!

How Frustrating!

Friday, October 28, 2022

A year's worth of newsy bits...gone!

I'm so mad!

Twelve years of "Newsy Bits" were erased from this site, due to a problem with this site's hosting entity.  Twelve years! 

And nobody bothered to let me know.  (I pay for this service!)

I happened to discovered the problem, and over the course of a couple of long days, they were able to recreate a version of Newsy Bits using the Wayback machine and an old version of my site. But I have to go back and re-edit EVERYTHING to pretty it back up.  (Photos aren't where they should be, etc.)

But for now, one full year is still missing.  An entire year of my professional, creative life.  And it was a busy year--from October of 2020 through October of 2021.  The entire period that TIME STEP was conceived, recorded, filmed, etc.  How annoying is that? 

Here's hoping all the missing bits can be found.  I guess I should have been keeping a diary. 

Oh, wait...I thought I was.