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THE KING'S NEW KLOTHES (Ron Lytle's musical comedy retelling of The Emperor's New Clothes) first debuted in 2008 and was an immediate hit with audiences.  Set in the ultra clothes-conscious kingdom of Fashionstonia, "The King's New Klothes" gives the well-worn classic a stylish new look! 

This fractured fairy tale has a literate script and original score that will cause adults to convulse with laughter while entertaining kids of all ages with its physical humor and sight gags. 

Cast of Characters: King Cardigan, Chester the Jester, Lady Lotta Stitches, Pins & Needles (2 traveling swindlers), Secretary of Treasury Countum, Secretary of Defense Shootum, Secretary of Transportation Schlepum, Members of the Royal Court (The Fashionistas)

Songs: "Dressed For Success" "Clothes Make The Man" "Pins And Needles" "Lady Lotta Stitches" "Beautiful" "Fun-Believe-A-Bulic Anniversary"

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