A Scandalous Life In Musical Revue

“Madcap May” Yohe was undeniably one of the most-famous stars of the 1890s.  She was also the most scandalous of them all.  (Think of her as her era’s Kim Kardashian, but with talent.)

Her celebrity, immense wealth (she owned the Hope Diamond), and penchant for grabbing international headlines were legendary in her day, although she is now largely forgotten.

The lights come up on a courtroom in 1937.  Reporters and spectators eagerly await the arrival of “Madcap May”.  The legendary star of stage and scandal--long past her glory days--is as usual, late. When she does finally arrive, bedlam ensues and the courtroom goes wild. 

As she steps onto the stand, her history unfolds in flashback.  Modern-day May interacts with characters from her past—including younger versions of herself.  Members of the courtroom audience become active participants in the incredible story of the diva’s stage performances (many), scandals (many more) and men (still more!)

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Madcap May