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Take a Trip Up a Giant Beanstalk and Into a World of Music, Comedy and Magic!

"Jack and the Beanstalk, and the Giant, and the Goose, and the Really Truly-Uly Rotten Day" is all-new musical version of the classic tale will delight children and adults alike with its upbeat attitude, clever comedy, and Broadway-style songs.  The wacky cast of characters includes the troubled title character, an overwo­­­rked and underpaid Golden Goose, and a diminutive Giant with an enormous Napoleon complex!

The Cast of Characters includes: Jack, The Peddler, The Giant, Lucy the Goose, Rita the Cow, Momma, The Mayor, and the Ensemble.

Songs: "We Got A Giant Problem," "We'll Always Be Best Friends," "Life Is What You Make Of It," "Momma, Some Beans," "Another Egg" "A Giant's Not A Giant," "Eat Your Vegetables," and "A Really Rotten Day"

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