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“Who’s The Chap Made of Pine and Sap?”

The beloved tale of the little wooden puppet who becomes a real, live boy is magically brought to life onstage.  Ron Lytle’s version of the timeless classic features an all-new score of tuneful songs, delivered by a cast of fall-down-funny characters.

With enough fast-paced action to please children, and hysterical humor aimed point-blank at adults, Pinocchio promises to be must-see family entertainment…with no strings attached!

Cast:  Pinocchio, Geppetto, Blue Fairy, Strombaloney, The Fox, The Cat, and the Ensemble.

Songs: “The Wonderful Workshop Of Geppetto” “Believe” “Little Boy” “It Must Be Pinocchio” “Why Settle For A Little? (When You Can Have A Little More)” “Be An Actor On The Stage” and “I’d Rather Be Real Than Wood”

To request perusal materials, click HERE. For more info or a performance license, click HERE



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