CINDERELLA: Gone to the Dogs!


The world's most popular fairy tale gets retooled and re-fur-bished in this all-new, all-dog, hit musical version.

Join Cinderella, as she goes from life in the doghouse to being "Best-in-Show" of the Bow Wow Ball. And, with a little magical help from her sassy Fairy God-Mouser, she even manages to land herself a Prince with a Proper Pedigree!

Just released, following an exclusive four-month premiere engagement, CINDERELLA is brimming over with zany humor, clever songs, and sentimental heart. Be the FIRST in your market to present CINDERELLA: Gone to the Dogs!

Songs include: “Next Saturday Evening” “Cinderella Is My Name” “A Prince With A Proper Pedigree” “Momma’s Little Girls” “Best In Show” “The Doggy Bow-Wow” “Throw A Dog A Bone” and “You Do?  Me, Too!”

Cast of Characters: Cinderella, The Prince, The Fairy God-Mouser (a cat), The Stepmother, The Step-Sisters (Astigmatina and Allergina), The Queen and King, and minor roles played by the Chorus.

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