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CINDERELLA: Gone to the Dogs!


The world's most popular fairy tale gets retooled and re-fur-bished in this all-new, all-dog, hit musical version.

Join Cinderella, as she goes from life in the doghouse to being "Best-in-Show" of the Bow Wow Ball. And, with a little magical help from her sassy Fairy God-Mouser, she even manages to land herself a Prince with a Proper Pedigree!

This fresh and funny take on the CINDERELLA story is brimming over with zany humor, clever songs, and sentimental heart. Be the FIRST in your market to present CINDERELLA: Gone to the Dogs!

Songs include: “Next Saturday Evening” “Cinderella Is My Name” “A Prince With A Proper Pedigree” “Momma’s Little Girls” “Best In Show” “The Doggy Bow-Wow” “Throw A Dog A Bone” and “You Do?  Me, Too!”

Cast of Characters: Cinderella, The Prince, The Fairy God-Mouser (a cat), The Stepmother, The Step-Sisters (Astigmatina and Allergina), The Queen and King, and minor roles played by the Chorus.

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