A New Musical

Are human relationships really as disposable as the cast-offs that get sent off to the second-hand store?  And if so, is it just possible that one man’s trash really can become ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE?

This small cast musical (3 women, 4 men) revolves around a trio of comic misfits who work (and fight) side by side in a second-hand store called One Man’s Trash. 

There’s shop owner Anna: a sardonic middle-aged woman stuck in a seemingly unhappy marriage.  Adam: A 30-something gay man who tries to solve everybody else’s problems, yet is incapable of dealing with the fallout from his own failed relationship.   And finally, there’s Chloe: a 20-something, flip-tongued free spirit who bounces from one flawed potential partner to the next.  As our trio encounters the parade of eccentric characters that happen into the shop, will they finally begin to realize the full potential of their own lives and loves?

Told with liberal amounts of laughter, and moments of genuine tenderness—plus an all-new score of original songs that are both comic and heartfelt—ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE is a story about cherishing what you have and letting go of what you have lost.

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